Frequently Asked Questions 


The band is available for hire for Weddings, Functions, Parties etc


What information does the band need in order to quote?

As a minimum the band would ideally like the following information in order to quote: Date, venue, approximate timings, any special requirements you may have

How do I book the band?

Once the arrangements have been confirmed and you have decided to proceed with the booking, a confimation will be prepared and sent to you. Please sign and return one copy in the SAE provided. We ask for a deposit of 20% via cheque at the time of the  booking, for which a receipt shall be given. The remaining balance would be payable in cash on the day of the event.

How long do you play for?

We usually perform 2 sets, usually between 45-60 minutes each but this is flexible. We do advise against having a buffet opened or meal served whilst the band is performing. This generally has the effect of interrupting the flow and continuity of the event.

How much time to do you need to set-up, sound check, and pack up?

A comfortable set-up and sound check time is 1.5 hours, depending on the venue, its access, and the nature of the event. The full-band sound check itself usually takes no longer than 5-10 minutes. De-rig time is usually around 45 minutes, again depending on the venue. When not performing, the band will be as discreet as possible throughout the event.

How much room to do you need to setup?

The minimum space we can fit into is 16ft x 10ft, though we do prefer a larger area if possible.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes....our current public liability insurance is currently valid until March 2019.

Can you supply background music?

If you are not intending to hire a separate disco to run in conjunction with the band, also included within our fee is the use of our PA . We do not offer a DJ service as such, but would play background music which is in keeping with our style. If you would prefer us to play your own music we are very happy to do so. Many clients bring their own iPod’s, laptops etc. We would run the equipment, so all you need do is relax and enjoy yourself!

Are the band willing to travel?

Yes, we have performed at a variety of different venues across Wales and the South West..  

Do I need to arrange food for the band?

Not necessarily, though we would very much appreciate a meal or access to the evening buffet, as when travelling to gigs it can sometimes be over 8 hours from the time we leave home to our return. 

For any further information or questions please send us a message from our Contact Us page.