1st January 2014.....

We'd just like to share our congratulations to our stand in bass player Rachel Lane, who has announced that she is expecting her second child....All the very best to Rachel, John & Sonny!!!!

14th January 2014....

 Hello there!
Hope 2014 has started off as you wanted it to!!!

Right straight down to business…we have some news!!!

Some of you may already be aware of this, but some won’t…..Sally is standing down from Spellbound.
We will most certainly really miss having Sally around, but we are determined to ensure she leaves on a high note, and to celebrate her time with the band.

Also, our stand in bassist Rachel is expecting her second child, and won’t be in a position to do any more gigs with us, so we thought what better way to give the ladies a great send off than to organise a very special “Farewell” gig, to see Sal & Rachel off in style!!!

So…we invite all of you plus your friends to a very special “Farewell Sally & Rachel” gig at The Usk Vale (formerly The Gladiator), Pillmawr Road, Malpas, NP 18 3QZ on Friday 31st of January 2014.

Entry to the venue will be free of charge, but it is possible that you may be able to make donations to a nominated charity...a chance to do a bit of good as well as having a cracking night!!!

So, clear your diaries and get down to this “not to be missed” gig!

Lets make it a good ‘un !!!!

March 9th 2014....

Details of our new vocalist and bass player will be detailed here shortly, but we're working in hard in rehearsals to get back up to speed.

We'll be doing a low key acoustic slot on Wednesday 2nd April at The Goldcroft in Caerleon and our slot for this years Caerleon Festival has been confirmed as being 9.00 pm, Sunday 13th July at The Hanbury Arms.

March 27th 2014....

A few folks have asked what the position is with Spellbound at the moment.

So…since the farewell gig for Sally & Rachel, back in January, we have been beavering away meeting and having some auditions and sessions with various people.

At l
ast we are now in a position to go forward as we welcome 2 new people into the ranks…

Hugh Jones joins us on bass…Hugh has a wide & varied musical history (‘cos he is very old!!!)…he was recommended to us by a friend and has quickly settled down well into the line up. Hugh has promised to wear his lucky pants for the first gig at the Goldcroft, but we’ll take his word for that rather than actually check it out.

Joining us on lead vocals (and sometimes on acoustic guitar!) is the very talented Abbie Thomas.
Abbie has been active as a solo singer-songwriter around the area for a few years. Abbie is due to go to Drama College for a year in September, but we are delighted that she has agreed to come on board with us throughout the next 6 months.
We’re not quite sure if Abbie will wear anything lucky for the gig, so we’ll leave it at that I think!
You can hear a demo of one of Abbie’s original songs here….https://soundcloud.com/abbiethomas/dryyoureyes
(see also abbiethomasmusic on Facebook)

As we’ve previously posted, we’re going to do about an hours’ worth of stuff in a low key acoustic style at the Goldcroft in Caerleon next Wednesday…you could call it a live rehearsal! A couple of other performers are on as well, so should be a fun night!!!

We are in the process of getting the full set together, learning some new material and looking for work, and as soon as any further gigs are sorted we’ll announce them both here and on the website!

Cheers for now…
Hope to see you soon!!!

March to December 2014....

Well, what happened during this period then?

Ok, a great deal behind the scenes really. Lots of sessions auditioning various people for singing and bass playing duties. There were some really nice people who were great but didn't fit our style, and others who really shouldn't have bothered. A really frustrating and fruitless task for many months.

We managed to fit a few gigs in, dragging Sally back in for a couple and for one gig we were joined by Sarah Campbell-Horner to whom we are grateful!

Massive thanks too, to a couple of friends and superb bass players, Adam Jenkins and Jason O'Brien who enabled us to do these gigs.

So as we come out of 2014, we have a couple of irons in the fire, as it were and hopefully we'll be doing some more live work in early 2015.

In the meantime, we wish you all a great Christmas and a fab 2015!

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